'Divergent' Movie Snags Three Actors (But Still No Sign of Four)

The factions are filling out as "Divergent" continues its casting, and the latest announcement is a big one: We can now put a face to three more major characters, per a scoop from The Hollywood Reporter.

Two of the actors to join the production will be boarding the Dauntless train: Zoe Kravitz has scored the role of Christina, a tough new initiate who befriends main character Tris (Shailene Woodley) while they undergo various tests of mettle in order to gain acceptance in the courageous faction. (She's also following in the footsteps of dad Lenny Kravitz, who starred as Cinna in that other major movie franchise based on a dystopian YA series.) And Maggie Q, who's probably best known for kicking butt on the CW series "Nikita," plays Tori, the Dauntless tattoo artist who offers Tris some important guidance as she struggles to find her place.

Also on board is Ansel Elgort, a relative newcomer to Hollywood; he'll be playing Tris' brother, the cool, cerebral Caleb, who throws in his lot with the Erudite.

Divergent takes place in the far future ruins of Chicago, in a society whose members have split into five factions following the near-decimation of the human race. Each faction is guided by a single core value, in direct response to the evils they believe led to humanity's downfall; Tris, raised amongst the selfless Abnegation, opts at age 16 to leave her family and join the brave, ballsy, thrill-seeking Dauntless instead. The movie will begin shooting later this year, although several key characters—including Four, whose part has quickly become the coveted career-maker for every dude of a certain age in Hollywood—still need actors to play them. And considering that the release is just one year away, they'd better get moving! The speeding Dauntless train doesn't wait for stragglers.

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