'Delirium' Pilot Gets A Smokin' Senator

Yes, okay, so the government officials of "Delirium" are hateful, horrible fascist freaks who want to scalpel out our Feelings Lobe and make the world a loveless place. We know this! But hey, if they all look like Senator Hargrove, then...well, at least we understand how their brutal policies might have become popular in the first place.

Lauren Oliver, who penned the books that the show is based on, announced on her blog today that the gorgeous Michael Michele has been cast in the role of the Senator.

For the uninitiated, "Delirium" is a dystopian tale of a society in which love, rechristened amor deliria nervosa, has been declared a disease. All citizens undergo a lobotomy-like procedure to "cure" the illness on their 18th birthday. The story centers on Lena, a young woman who's never questioned the righteousness of the government policy, until she has the shocking bad luck to fall in love only weeks before she's set to be cured.

Unlike the other roles we've been hearing about, Senator Hargrove isn't a familiar character from the novel—but she might be the TV take on the book's Mayor Hargrove, whose son is among the teens bound for the lobotomy table. And more importantly, if they're getting this far down the list of characters to be cast, shooting on this bad boy is going to start super soon, right?!

What's your take on the latest news from the "Delirium" casting couch?

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