Style Superstar: Zoe Saldana Legs It Out In Leather

After weeks of awards season haute couture, all those glamorous evening gowns are starting to blur together into one giant, indiscriminate blob of chiffon-satin-organza-whatever. So this week, we're giving ourselves a break from the dress parade, and the Style Superstar props to a pair of ladies who went for fresh, sleek, sophisticated looks that involve...pants. Pants! Imagine!

This week's best? It's Zoe Saldana, who wins all of the awards for her chic look at the Miu Miu show during Paris Fashion Week. Skinny leather leggings, sophisticated stilettos, a pop of bright lipstick and the perfect cozy camel coat to finish it off. This outfit, with its clean lines and contrasting textures, is Exhibit A in the case for Zoe as the reigning queen of casual style. Well played, Superstar.

Meanwhile, Abigail Breslin took a pair of wide-leg trousers to their dressy limit, with a dramatic all-black ensemble at the premiere of her new film, "The Call." With her long blonde hair in a 1940s-style sweep, a big bow, and just a peek of midriff above her high-waisted pants, this is a daring look that paid off for the young actress—except for the part where her pants are so long that there's no sign of her feet anywhere. Here's hoping she finds her way to a tailor before she wears them again, because denying the public a peek at her undoubtedly-fabulous shoes is just not fair.

What do you think of our pants-wearing style picks?