Peep The Cover (And Hear The Soundtrack!) For 'This Song Will Save Your Life'

This Song Will Save Your LifeAre you ready to get some the church of catchy hooks, sick beats and sweet bass lines? We hope so! 'Cause we've got your holy book hookup right here: It's the EXCLUSIVE cover reveal for Leila Sales' new YA novel, "This Song Will Save Your Life." It's the touching story of a troubled outsider who's sure she'll be walking alone all her life...until she discovers friendship in a band full of musical misfits and personal fulfillment in the exquisite art of DJing.

Considering its content, it's no surprise that this book's beautiful cover art has a musical motif—and a pair of super-shiny headphones that we are officially coveting. Plus, psssst! If you look extra-close, you might catch a subliminal message about what lies at the heart of "This Song Will Save Your Life" (Hint: follow the pink font and see what you get.)

And if you're ready to find salvation in this sweet story, you can get a head start right now: Set the mood for your revelatory reading experience with this life-saving playlist from the author herself, featuring songs by Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses and more.

Open your ears! Open your mind! And mark your calendar: "This Song Will Save Your Life" hits bookstores in September.

Are you psyched to feel the music with "This Song Will Save Your Life"?