Jessica Sanchez Will Film 'Glee' Turn 'Very Soon'

It was nearly five months ago that we got official word "American Idol" alumna Jessica Sanchez would rub elbows (and vocal cords?) with the crew from Lima, Ohio, to film an appearance on "Glee." So what of that big guest turn?

When we caught up with the songstress recently on the set of her first music video, she told us that it's still very much happening.

"As far as 'Glee,' I have no script yet," Jessica said. "I'll be taping very, very soon. I got a call from them, like, a couple days ago, very, very excited. I've been practicing my acting. It's like a whole new element for me. I've never acted before, so I mean, it's just like dancing; it's unexpected. So we'll see how I do."

With the finale scheduled for May 5, it's likely we'll see how Jessica does sooner rather than later—and it's a new step she couldn't be more enthused to take.

"It's an opportunity, and I love to take challenges," she said. "I love to do that stuff. I want to play somebody else and see how that feels, but I haven't gotten my script yet or know who I'm going to be playing, but I'm very, very excited."

Are you excited to see Jessica on "Glee"? What sort of character would you like to see her play? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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