Nick Offerman Joins Us After Hours For A Discussion Of Adorable Things

A word of warning, superstars: If you're particularly susceptible to the mind-blowing effects of total cutesy-wootsy-ness, you may want to grab hold of a nice, sturdy piece of furniture before watching our latest After Hours. Because it's time for a new installment of "Adorable Things," our segment dedicated to the appreciation of all things fluffy and cuddly—and today's clip features dangerous levels of lovability. It can all be summed up in six words:

Nick Offerman in a bunny hat.

Yep, that's right: Actor Nick Offerman is the most adorable man, maybe even the most adorable thing, ever to grace the face of the earth. He's cuter than a basket of puppies. He's cuter than a hedgehog in a party hat. He's cuter than two baby otters, holding hands, eating cupcakes, while wearing matching footie pajamas with special holes cut for their tails. And in this After Hours, the "Parks and Recreation" star shares with us the secrets of his adorability, from his most squeezable facial features to his heart-melting vocal inflections to his very own version of baby talk. How cute is it? So cute we actually squeed ourselves to death. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Are you all AWWWW after watching this video?