New 'Catching Fire' Portrait: Is This Katniss' Wedding Dress?

If you just heard an unusual sound—a sound that falls on the auditory spectrum somewhere between "deflating balloon" and "pig in heat" —don't be alarmed: it's just the sound of every "Hunger Games" fangirl on earth simultaneously sighing, squeeing, and grunting with delight at the same time. Why? Because Katniss Everdeen's wedding dress, that's why.

Or at least, that's what we think we're seeing in the latest Capitol portrait to be revealed on the exciting, interactive Capitol Couture website (via MSN). In it, we see Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) posed in regal silence by a throne-like chair, sporting some seriously dramatic makeup, and wearing what looks like about 50 pounds' worth of gray-ivory tulle and chiffon. (She's also holding a white rose, which—for those not in the know—almost certainly means that the blushing bride-to-be has recently received a terrifying pre-wedding threat from the villainous President Snow.)

The image is the latest in a series of portraits being unveiled on the internet in advance of the release of "Catching Fire," and minus a few tantalizing shots of the Tributes in their oceanside arena, it's the first real glimpse we've gotten of what to expect when the film hits theaters in November. And it's so pretty. Soooo pretty. Let's just stop talking and stare at it and drool a bit, okay? Okay.