Mila Kunis Thinks James Franco Doesn't Do Enough

You know what's most surprising about James Franco's role as a con-man-magician-turned-good-hearted-wizard in "Oz the Great and Powerful"? The fact that he actually had time to film it! After all, James is an infamous multi-tasker, juggling classes, art projects, blogging and acting, among other pursuits.

"He doesn't do enough," co-star Mila Kunis joked when we sat down with the cast of "Oz the Great and Powerful" recently. "He has way too much free time on his hands."

Mila, who's known the actor for about seven years now, has never not seen James toy with the outer limits of human productivity.

"I think we've done eight films together... I'm used to this," she said. "I don't know James otherwise. You want to call it drive? I call it sadism. He's one of the most driven human beings on the planet, and I think if he had to stand still, he wouldn't know what do to with himself."

What he would probably do is turn that fruit bowl sitting over there into the next critically acclaimed indie darling.

"He loves to share and experience and explore and everything he looks at as art," she explained. "From that felt on the floor he thinks is an art piece to that poster—everything is art to him."

"Oz the Great and Powerful," also starring Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz, hits theaters March 8.