'Maze Runner' Movie Looks For Its Boy

Heads up, literati! The list of YA adaptations on which to keep your ever-watchful eyes looks like it might be getting a new addition: the long-awaited "Maze Runner" movie, based on the book by James Dashner, is eyeing a leading man.

Deadline reports that the perpetually babyfaced Will Poulter has been offered one of the main roles in the dystopian sci-fi drama, which has been in development in Hollywood since 2011.

"Maze Runner" is the story of Thomas, a teenage boy who wakes up in a mysterious concrete enclosure, surrounded by boys his own age and with no memory of how he got there. Soon, he discovers that his strange new home lies at the center of a constantly shifting maze full of deadly threats, watched over by a mysterious group known as the Creators. It's Thomas' destiny to conquer the maze and lead his new friends to freedom—if he doesn't die in the attempt.

Meanwhile, there's no character name attached to the reports of Will's potential casting in the "Maze Runner" movie, but we're guessing he's up for the role of Thomas. And if the British actor lands the lead, it won't be the first time he's worked in a weird, fantastical world; he's already spent some time in Narnia, after all.

Are you psyched to see some movement on the "Maze Runner" movie?