The Wonderful Witches Of 'Oz': Get The Look

Oz the Great and PowerfulAdmist all the pre-release buzz for "Oz the Great and Powerful," we couldn't help noticing: Somewhere over the rainbow must be a hell of a couture hookup, because everyone in Oz is dressed to kill. And that's particularly true for the trio of beautiful witches—played by Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz—who clearly possess a supernatural flair for fashion along with their abilities to conjure mists and hurl fireballs out of thin air. So today, in honor of the imminent theatrical debut of "Oz" (the movie is out March 8), we've put together our own interpretation of each witchy look from this fantastic film. Whose style would you like to steal before heading off to see the wizard?


With her luscious red hat, classic white dress shirt and sleek leather pants, Theodora's look is a marriage between renegade bandit and Victorian bordello. Steal it for yourself by wrapping a sophisticated combo of skirt-shirt-stilettos in delicious blood-colored velvet.

+ Pencey Standard velvet drape blazer, Revolve Clothing, $149

+ Wide brimmed floppy hat with feather accent, Zappos, $66

+ White button-down perfect shirt, J. Crew, $72

+ Tinley Road vegan leather pencil skirt, Piperlime, $45

+ Enzo Angiolini stiletto booties, Bloomingdales, $180

+ Fringed leather necklace, Etsy, $59


Glinda's glimmering crown, shiny wand and silver ballgown trimmed with both sequins and feathers is a bit over-the-top even for the dressiest of parties. But her ethereal style becomes totally accessible when you shorten the hemline, inject some 1920s flair and finish it off with a pair of seriously magical shoes.

+ Aidan Mattox silver beaded dress, Saks Fifth Avenue, $295

+ Ivory peacock feather earrings, Etsy, $17

+ Draped rhinestone headwrap, Urban Outfitters, $24

+ Galaxy inlay booties, Anthropologie, $168


With her green beaded gown, dramatic hairpiece and feathered chiffon cape, Evanora is an Emerald City diva all day long. Channel her luxurious gothic look with deep greens, plenty of glitter and a dress that's got "Oz" written all over it.

+ French Connection "Ozlem" dress, Nordstrom, $248

+ Feather lace capelet, Etsy, $49

+ Black lace tights, Neiman Marcus, $18

+ Stiletto platform boots, Nine West, $79

+ Feathered hair clip, Etsy, $25

Would you steal one of these magical styles for yourself? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!