'The Selection' Chooses Its New Aspen

America Singer may be a lowly Five in the caste system of Illea, but she couldn't be luckier in love, with two handsome suitors fighting for her affections.

The revamped adaptation of Kiera Cass' "The Selection" already landed a royal hunk in the form of Michael Malarkey, who will play Prince Maxon, and now Deadline has the news that Lucien Laviscount will portray the third leg of this love triangle as neighbor Aspen Leger.

Apparently, the British thespian (and recording artist) has made quick work of pilot season, landing the plum role opposite star Yael Grobglas just three weeks after landing in L.A. His dark good looks seem to hem closer to the book's description of Aspen than those of fair-haired actor William Moseley, who played the boy next door in the original pilot.

"The Selection" is frequently described as a dystopian teen version of "The Bachelor," with 35 girls vying for the hand of the dreamy Prince Maxon in a televised competition. If ordered to series, its home will be The CW.

Meanwhile, Kiera's upcoming sequel, "The Elite," hits bookstore shelves on April 23.

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