'Delirium' Pilot Finds Its Hana In Jeanine Mason

Jeanine MasonWith Lena, Alex, Julian, and even the smarmy, villainous Thomas Fineman in place, there was just one major character left to be seated on the "Delirium" casting couch—and here she is! Deadline has the scoop that the role of Hana, fellow lobotomee-to-be and best friend of Lena, will be played by Jeanine Mason.

"Delirium" is the story of a futuristic society in which love has been declared a dangerous disease, resulting in a government-mandated surgical procedure to "cure" the condition in all citizens over 18. Lena, the heroine of "Delirium" (played in the adaptation by Emma Roberts) does the unthinkable and falls in love just weeks before she's meant to undergo the romance-eradicating cure; Hana is Lena's childhood friend, a beautiful, rebellious girl who's also imminently destined for the operating table.

Jeanine is probably best known as the season five champ of "So You Think You Can Dance"," but she's since made the transition from stage to screen; she's had a steady stream of smaller TV roles ever since her big win, most recently appearing in a recurring role on "Bunheads." And with a notable spot in one of this year's most anticipated pilots, this will be her big chance to show that she's much more than just a collection of killer moves.

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