Ewan McGregor Has 'Amazing' Hair In 'Jack The Giant Slayer'

If you're planning on climbing down the beanstalk and into your local cineplex for a showing of this weekend's fairy-tale thriller "Jack the Giant Slayer," you will mostly surely be in for a visual spectacular. But don't let all those monstrous behemoths distract you from one of the film's most awe-inspiring aspects: Ewan McGregor's hair.

Seriously, though. When we left a recent screening with our co-workers, we spent at least five blocks discussing his amazing locks: lush with perfectly placed highlights. And it was a fact that we couldn't keep to ourselves when confronted with Mr. McGregor at the film's junket in jolly ol' England.

"I had a great haircut in this film," Ewan agreed.

"Great beard, too. This little thing," co-star Stanley Tucci added, gesturing to an imaginary mustache.

To his credit, Stanley had one thing Ewan didn't have: false teeth.

"I didn't have the teeth you had," Ewan conceded. "You had the whole looking going on."

Indeed he did! You can check out both men's Medieval looks this weekend, and be sure to click on the video above to get more behind-the-scenes scoop on "Jack the Giant Slayer," also starring Nicholas Hoult and Eleanor Tomlinson.

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