'The Selection' Casting: Our Prince Maxon Has Come

After scoring their brand-new America Singer early this week, the folks in charge of The CW's "The Selection" are seriously heating up their own selection of actors to star in the show!

Deadline reports that there are now two shapely new butts on the "Selection" casting couch: Officially attached to the production are Michael Malarkey, who'll heat things up as the brooding Prince Maxon, and Celia Massingham, who's snagged the role of arch nemesis bachelorette Celeste.

For those not in the know, "The Selection" is a sort of Hunger-meets-Dating Games mash-up in which America Singer, a working-class spitfire in the dystopian North America of the 24th century, must compete against several dozen other girls in a national competition to win the love (and hand in marriage) of a handsome prince. And with the relatively unknown Yael Grobglas as its leading lady, it looks like "The Selection"—which is recasting its main characters after losing the previously attached stars to a rewrite—has decided to go with less familiar faces this time around.

Celia Massingham has a mere two previous film credits to her name (including an intriguingly-titled project called "Reef 'n' Beef"), and Michael Malarkey, a stage actor and alumnus of a single Irish television show, doesn't even have an IMDb page. Exciting! Fresh meat! And with most of the major roles cast—all that's left is to find a sensitive artist-type to play America's low-caste crush object from back home—we're hoping there might be some delicious gossip or leaked pics from the set to titillate us any day now.

What do you think of the latest "The Selection" casting news?