Paul Rudd, Tina Fey Talk Wookie Sex After Hours

Until just now, we never know how very, very badly we wanted to play a "Star Wars"-specific version of the classic game of options "F--k, Marry, Kill", with "Admission" stars Paul Rudd and Tina Fey...but we want to. Oh, god, we want to! Because that's just what MTV's Josh Horowitz got to do when Tina and Paul stopped by for the latest episode of After Hours, where they proved themselves to be not just talented actors, but also excellent logicians when it came to determining which characters from the "Star Wars" franchise would make the best lover, partner, and/or murder victim!

Highlights from the video include: a vote of approval for the Linda Ronstadt Spouse Acceptability Litmus Test, the best spontaneous use of the phrase "wookie nookie" ever recorded in human history, and Tina's matter-of-fact suggestion that any discerning woman would sleep with Darth Vader—you know, for the story.

Which is so true.

Don't ask us how we know.

"Admission" hits theaters March 22.

What do you think of our latest episode of After Hours?