Everyone Was Enormously Good-Looking At 'Jack The Giant Slayer' Premiere

Nicholas Hoult and Eleanor Tomlinson were all dressed up last night for the big premiere of "Jack the Giant Slayer"—and here's hoping the giants in question are all good and slayed (slain? slew?), because Eleanor's lovely dress is frankly much too glam and gorgeous to be running around wielding swords and busting enormous heads in.

The cinematic take on everyone's favorite fairytale about magic beans, gullible teens and huge angry creatures who live on a floating sky island yelling "Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum!" at invaders will hit theaters widespread on Friday, and most of its major players—human and giant alike—were out to celebrate its release at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Eleanor's shimmering gown and pretty hair were the showstoppers on last night's red carpet, along with an expanse of decolletage that would give fellow ginger queen Christina Hendricks a run for her money. Berry-colored lips were the only thing needed to complete her look; there's more than enough metallic bling on the dress. And Nicholas was typically delicious in a three-piece suit and close-cropped haircut, the better to bring out those piercing blue eyes (although we wish he'd stop trying to make fetch happen with the facial scruff—at least until his beard and mustache form a meaningful connection with each other.)

What do you think of the pics from last night's premiere?