Girls Of 'Spring Breakers' Pack Their Bags With A New Poster

FROM MTV MOVIES BLOG: With spring break coming up any day now, it's very important that we start talking about what to bring on our awesome road trip to the sunny shores of Miami Beach! And with "Spring Breakers" approaching, there might be a few, er, unconventional items on your packing you can clearly see in the new poster, now up on MTV Movies Blog, that promotes this sleazy, sexy, ultraviolent romp through delinquent ladyland. There's the usual items, of course: jorts, sneakers, sunnies and lipgloss in various shades of pastel. But flick your eyeballs up, and you'll see all the must-have accessories that every stylish criminal needs! Guns, drugs, pills, and lollipops: a veritable buffet of badness. (It's just a good thing these girls are driving, not flying; the contents of this bag would make your average TSA officer pee in his pants.)

Want to peep the full poster? Click over to the Movies Blog!

And mark your calendars for a spring break getaway: "Spring Breakers" hits theaters in NYC and L.A. on March 15, going wide on March 22.