'The Selection' Gets A Brand New America

Here's a cause for cautious celebration: "The Selection," the CW pilot based on Kiera Cass' YA dystopian dating-game drama, has a leading lady! Again! For real, this time! Deadline reports that Israeli actress Yael Grobglas has officially snagged the role of America Singer, the working-class heroine who must compete against a gaggle of fellow bachelorettes in a national, televised competition for the love of the dashing Prince Maxon.

Yael is looking to make a name for herself on American television after headlining a series in her native Israel, and snagging the lead in a highly anticipated YA book-to-film adaptation like this one could be a major coup for the as-yet-unknown actress. But more importantly, this is a big step forward for the pilot, which has been plagued by delays despite having its rights snapped up by Hollywood long before the book even hit shelves.

A back-to-the-drawing-board rewrite last year resulted in the loss of several important cast members—since actors, like dairy products, can't just be kept sitting around forever lest they get all lumpy and start to smell funny—and The CW still needs to net itself a couple cute guys to compete for the affections of Yael's America. But with a leading lady in place, it seems safe to say that the show will go on with its plans for a reshoot, which means that fans of "The Selection" could see their long-awaited payoff sometime later this year.

Are you excited to see a new actress in place on "The Selection"?