Daren Kagasoff Catches 'Delirium'

Daren KagasoffShailene Woodley isn't the only "Secret Life of the American Teenager" star to land a role in a highly anticipated YA adaptation following the series' cancellation. Deadline reports that cast mate Daren Kagasoff, who played Ricky Underwood for five seasons, will star in Fox's upcoming "Delirium" pilot, based on the dystopian novel by Lauren Oliver.

"Delirium" is set in a world in which love has been deemed a dirty disease, curable only with a labotomy-like procedure each citizen must undergo when they turn 18. Just weeks before Lena Haloway (played by Emma Roberts) is to go under the knife, she falls in love with the mysterious Alex Sheathes (played by Daren), leading her to question not only the cure but her society's rigid rules.

Casting announcements have been coming fast and furious since the pilot was greenlit back in January. Joining Daren and Emma are Billy Campbell as politician Thomas Fineman, and Gregg Sulkin as his son Julian. A handful of roles remain to be filled, most notably Lena's best friend Hana.

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