Oscars Fashion: The Final Word From Our Experts

Last night's Oscar ceremony was a veritable parade of wild style, with all the celebs on the scene dressed to the glamorous nines in their finest finery. Custom couture, voluminous gowns, and daring down-to-there necklines or up-to-here slits were all on display—along with the inevitable handful of fashion faux pas that everyone looooves to hate. But with so many dressed-up stars to dress down with a little insightful criticism, it's hard to know where to start... unless you watch this smart little clip in which MTV News' Christina Garibaldi and MTV Style's Mary H.K. Choi do the hard work of dissecting the most talked-about looks from the Academy Awards. Where do the ladies come down on last night's most controversial wardrobe choices?

For one, Jennifer Lawrence's blush-pink Dior dress gets a big thumbs up from our critics (and a big raspberry to everyone who made jokes about couture made out of curtains). And Jessica Chastain, whose dress selection has been hit-or-miss this awards season, pulled out all the stops last night with a nude strapless gown and luscious red lipstick that landed her on everyone's best-dressed list—including ours.

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Who else scored points for smart style? Whose canine accessorizing was everyone's favorite? And where do the ladies stand on the much-maligned double trouble of Anne Hathaway's bib-front dress? Watch the whole clip to get the full dish!

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