'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' EXCLUSIVE Featurette: Wrestlemania!

Let's be honest: Emmett Cullen doesn't always get his due in the big-screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's "The Twilight Saga." But, thankfully, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" director Bill Condon had the good sense to leave in one of the vampire's most beloved moments—in which he cavalierly agrees to arm wrestle newborn Bella...and things don't go as expected.

It's a moment, in fact, that earned praise from both Stephenie and Bill, especially as it relates to Kristen's portrayal of the bloodsucker. And you can hear it all by watching our EXCLUSIVE featurette, which we're debuting in advance of the DVD/Blu-ray release on March 2.

"Kristen did such a good job of creating this entirely new character that feels like a new person," Stephenie enthused. "I was so impressed with her."

In fact, as Bill tells it, some of the magic of that iconic scene is a result of Kristen's improv skills.

"We worked to bring as much of her to it as possible," Bill said of his leading lady. "For example, you know, when she has that arm-wrestling scene with Emmett, there's the stuff she does after she wins and breaks the rock, and she says, 'Did you see that?' It's pure Kristen. And I left it in just to make sure it wasn't so different from the part that she created and from her."

A win for Bella. A win for Kristen.

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