'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Hot Water'

Question, "Pretty Little Liars": Have we known all along that the Brew's official name is Rear Window Brew? Am I that oblivious that I didn't notice the nod? If it wasn't evident after three seasons, the series' writing staff are total Hitchcock fangirls. (And if you haven't seen "Rear Window," get thee a digital download, posthaste!)

Anyway, the Rosewood cafe was where the action picked up last night following the evil elevator incident and Jason's disappearance. The girls were finally beginning to discuss the possibility of CeCe being Vivian Darkbloom, when there was a knock at the door. It was Officer Wilden, who provoked Hanna enough for her to reveal what they knew about his involvement with CeCe and Ali. Not the smartest thing you've ever done, Hanna.

To wit, the next day Hanna spied Wilden cajoling CeCe into the passenger seat of his patrol car, all the while shooting H a knowing glare. Ashley, probably the least oblivious of the oblivious parents of Rosewood, picked up on the exchange and pressed Hanna for details, which she provided (sparingly).

Meanwhile, Paige continued to play Nancy Drew, sniffing out clues about the Queen of Hearts getup at the Rosewood Costume Shop. Emily got wise to her, though, and insisted she and Hanna accompany her. All the better to cause a distraction. When Shana (who we later learn briefly dated Paige) refused to reveal the confidential renter's information, Hanna and Paige asked to see the costume in question while Emily clandestinely emailed herself the credit card files for Caleb to hack.

For her part, Aria was caught up in her own drama as Ezra returned to town, hot on the heels of her and Wes' kiss. It was clear Aria felt guilty about the liplock, but not enough to tell Ezra what happened. Will things ever get back to normal for this couple? It's hard to tell, especially with Maggie and son now in the picture (in addition to meddling Mrs. Fitzgerald).

Worried about Hanna ruining his reputation, Wilden tracked down Mrs. Marin at a restaurant, offering her a glass of wine and warning her to keep Hanna quiet. He apparently didn't trust his own powers of persuasion, though, because he tailed Ashley as she left the restaurant and pulled her over for drinking and driving. Things got heated; Wilden threatened Hanna's life and put hand to holster. That was all Ashley needed to run him over. REPEAT: ASHLEY RAN OVER OFFICER WILDEN. (And with the dashboard cam watching...)

Back in Spencerland, Wren 'fessed up that his mental-health intervention wasn't without an ulterior motive: Now that Toby's out of the picture, he hoped something could happen between him and Spencer. And despite knowing very well that he was moving too quickly, he asked Spencer if she fancied dinner. (Gosh, those Brits and their words.) The two went on what I guess was a date, which ended with a sweet kiss. But they weren't alone—a fact that became evident as Spencer walked home and spotted the signature red trench and mop of blond hair a few feet ahead.

Melissa met Spencer at the door of House Hastings. "No company is better than bad company," older sis warned, revealing that she knew what Spencer had been up to that night. Spence retreated to the steam room (the same one, it would seem, that Hannah Horvath fainted in during an episode of "Girls" a few weeks ago. I smell a recall!), and the chamber went berserk, ratcheting up the steam to dangerously high temps while a plunger barricaded the doors and a message about Spencer's steamy encounter with Wren materialized on the bathroom mirror. Thankfully, Aria came just in time. But where was Melissa during all of this? It's unclear, but when Emily found CeCe at home packing her bags to run, she spilled that Melissa was the one who took the photo of Ali, CeCe and Wilden.

Spencer's near miss inspired her to call the girls together: She was ready to tell her truth about Toby. But before she could dish, Hanna had to accompany her distraught mom to the scene of her supposed crime, only to find Wilden's body missing!

What did you think of last night's "Pretty Little Liars"? What's to become of vehicular-assaulter Ashley? Do you like Spencer and Wren together? And who is the red coat? Spill everything in the comments and on Twitter!