'Delirium' Pilot Gets Its Hands On Gregg Sulkin

The dystopian futureworld of "Delirium" isn't exactly one we'd want to live in—not least because the whole government-mandated surgery that turns citizens into emotionless drones is kind of a turn-off—but damn, the human scenery is fine. Just check out the latest report from Deadline on the TV adaptation of Lauren Oliver's trilogy, and behold the sensuous sexiness of new cast member, Gregg Sulkin. Now there's a pair of lips you wouldn't mind sitting next to on the lobotomy bus, eh, ladies? MEOW.

You might know Gregg from his previous work on "Pretty Little Liars"; this time around, he'll play the role of Julian Fineman, the son of sleazy-scheming politician Thomas Fineman who doesn't share his dad's rabid enthusiasm for the total eradication of romance. ("Delirium," for those unaware, is the story of a dystopian society in which love has been deemed a dangerous illness that must be "cured" in all citizens over the age of 17 by a grody surgical procedure.) And while there's still no news on a romantic lead to play Alex, the love interest of heroine Lena (Emma Roberts), the casting announcements on this pilot-in-development are rolling out regularly...which means that we could be coming down with amor deliria nervosa sometime this year.