We've Got Your Oscars Pre-Party Right Here!

Whassup, superstars! Oscars week is upon us, and no doubt, you're already wondering how you should celebrate the biggest, most glamorous, most elitely awesometastic awards ceremony of the year. WELL, CHECK THIS OUT: What if we told you that you were invited to the most kick-ass Oscar pre-party ever? What if we told you that you'd have a front-row seat for all the best of the red-carpet action before the show? And what if we told you that you could attend this miraculous event without even having to put pants on?

Oh, yeah; now you're interested. As you should be! Because on Sunday, February 24, at 5:30 p.m. ET, MTV's own Josh Horowitz and VH1's Janell Snowden will be live-streaming from the red carpet like a pair of immaculately dressed BAMFs. And because we take our Oscar night duties very seriously indeed, this party will have everything: celebrity interviews, intriguing fashion statements, colorful commentary from our hosts, and best of all, questions for the actors and filmmakers in attendance submitted by you, the curious denizens of the internet.

All you have to do to get involved is tweet us—@MTVNews, @JoshuaHorowitz, or @JanellSnowden—to join the conversation and submit your most burning questions for stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, and others. And when Sunday night rolls around, tune into MTV.com at 5:30 p.m. ET for our two-hour red-carpet live stream and updates on who'll be taking home a tiny golden dude named Oscar at the end of the day.

Don't forget to tune in for our Oscars red carpet live stream Sunday at 5:30 p.m. ET on MTV.com.

Stick with us for everything about the 2013 Oscars including nominees, predictions and full fashion coverage!

Will you be joining us for our Oscar night live stream?