Would You See A 'Beautiful Creatures' Sequel?

Beautiful CreaturesAfter so many months of waiting, we were terribly excited to spend our Valentine's Day last week with one Ethan Wate (and the rest of the cast of "Beautiful Creatures.") But after that blissful, romantic, black-magical two hours beneath the live oaks, it might be time for us to sit down, sip some sweet tea, and have that awkward but all-important talk about Where This Relationship Is Going. After all, there are three more volumes in the "Caster Chronicles," the literary source material for this southern gothic love story—and there's no shortage of ripe-for-adaptation drama contained therein!

But with no current plans for a cinematic sequel in the works, we'll have to wait and see whether the studio wants to make movie magic with the Duchannes witches again...and, of course, whether the fans want to see it happen. So, you tell us: Are you raring for a "Beautiful Creatures" franchise, or was one trip to Gatlin enough?