Selena Gomez Doesn't Care What You Think Of Her Bikini Bod

After the debut of the first official trailer for "Spring Breakers," you probably (okay, definitely) noticed that the four female stars of the film seem to spend pretty much the entirety of their time on-screen clad in skimpy little string bikinis that would make even the sveltest girl perhaps just a teensy bit body-conscious. That is, unless you're Selena Gomez, Empress of Confidence, who responded to questions about her bikini scenes with a laugh and a shrug.

"It's so funny," she said, adding that her fellow bathing-suited sisters weren't quite so blasé about having their flesh on display. "The rest of the girls were in their trailers doing crunches. But I didn't mind. People take pictures, people have opinions—I wasn't there for that. I was playing a character. So I just completely indulged myself in that."

Meanwhile, it's not just the revealing wardrobe that earned this film an R rating; this is a decidedly grown-up story about the grimy underbelly of spring-breaking that's full of violence, mayhem, murder and frankly terrifying dental accoutrements that are totally unfit for the eyes of little children. And Selena, whose fanbase knows her best from her work on the Disney channel, is doing her best to steer the youngsters away from "Spring Breakers."

"I know that I have a younger following, and I so appreciate that and I'm so thankful for that," she said. "But when I see the parents, I'm like, 'Maybe they don't go and see this one.'"

For fans her own age, though, Selena says that her latest project has been received in just the right spirit—and that she believe they'll get her desire to make a movie so different from her usual.

"I feel like I didn't give them enough credit, because they understood what this film was. It's an art piece, and it's real, and it's so raw," she said. "I think they're going to understand why I did it."

Are you planning to see Selena in "Spring Breakers," or do you like her better in PG fare?