Style Superstar: Katy Perry Is Minty Fresh At The Grammy Awards

After all of last week's buzz concerning the bizarre, boob-obsessed dress code issued by CBS for Grammy Awards attendees, some of us were worried that the red-carpet fashions at Sunday's show would be disappointingly drab. Turns out, we didn't need to—not just because there were plenty of pretty dresses in full compliance with the cleavage-related restrictions, but also because at least one fabulous fashionista decided to stick it to the man with her "girls" on proud display.

That's right: our Style Superstar this week is Katy Perry! Whose gorgeous green gown with an embellished keyhole neckline was not only a big flipped bird to the boob-o-phobes, but which stood out with retro rad-ness in a sea of floaty chiffon frocks. Katy is a pro at finding creative ways to show off her curves, and this dress is both flattering and fun; with jet-black tresses and a cocktail ring as her only accessories, she could give Cher a run for her money.

Meanwhile, Natasha Bedingfield's red-carpet look was very red indeed. But while the color is great on her, the perfect match between her lips, her gown, and her shoes takes away from the wow factor. Along with the strangely placed cutouts and the heavy metal belt, this ensemble was much too much. (That is, unless it's the result of a MacGyver-esque fashion fix wherein Natasha noticed that her dress was coming apart, ran to the ladies room, wrenched a towel bar off the wall, and fashioned it into a cinching apparatus, in which case we take it all back and applaud her ingenuity.)

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