New 'The Host' Trailer Is Off And Running

Are you feeling lonely and loveless this Valentine's Day? Well, hey! How would you like to enjoy a truly intimate bonding experience with an alien life form that wants to steal your body, overwrite your memories and turn you into a walking meatsack with no free will of your own?

No, we're not asking you to marry us (ha! HA!); we've just got our mitts on the new trailer for "The Host," the cinematic adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's novel of the same name, in which the world has been overtaken by parasitic alien Souls who now occupy the bodies of all but a few surviving earthlings. Saoirse Ronan plays resistance fighter Melanie, who is captured and injected with the consciousness of a soul called Wanderer, giving way to lots of car chases and confrontations and Diane Kruger making her patented "I am fiercely cheesed" face.

Where the previous sneak peek at "The Host" focused mostly on Melanie, and her pre-capture romance with fellow survivor Jared (Max Irons), this new trailer is more focused on what happens after she's compromised and features at least 500% more scenes in which Melanie stares at Jared longingly while he glares at her weird glowing irises and looks really tortured about it. Also, kissing and gunfights! Enjoy!

"The Host" is out in theaters March 29.

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