'Beautiful Creatures' Has Us Fondly Recalling 'The Craft'

Back in 1996, "The Craft" had it all. Cool goth clothes, a dark storyline about a group of powerful Wiccan teens and, of course, Skeet Ulrich. Oh, Skeet, you so would have been a Hump Day Hottie back in the day.

The film dropped at a time when horror films, teen culture and alternative music ruled the zeitgeist. And somehow this film brought it all together in a deliciously delightful way. With "Beautiful Creatures" opening today, I couldn’t help but recall my love for the cult-loved film and what it represented about youth culture in the mid-'90s. It revolved around four female outsiders who used witchcraft to seek revenge against a group of mean girls (led by Christine Taylor) and, unfortunately, in the end, each other.

Gen X superstars Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney and Rachel True perfectly encapsulated the angst of being different in high school, relying on each other and the dark arts to try and find acceptance. They may have looked hard on the outside with their black clothes and defiant attitudes, but inside they were battling demons darker than the ones they conjured up.

Like some other teen flicks at the time, including "Jawbreaker," which came out three years later, it didn’t rely on rom-com frothiness. Instead, in its own way, it felt realer. For instance, the girl doesn’t get the guy in the end. And, the bonds of friendship are sometimes broken by unmentionable secrets.

With spell-casting back in the spotlight, once again headlining a teen flick, now felt as good a time as any to shine some light on this one. So, before you head out to see "Beautiful Creatures," throw on some black knee socks, a Catholic school uniform and lots of cross necklaces and play a game of “Light as a feather, stiff as a board.” Oh, yeah, and get yourself a copy of "The Craft." We promise it’ll cast a spell on you.

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