'Safe Haven' Stars Give Dangerous Valentine's Advice

by Joel Hanek

While nobody does romance better than Nicholas Sparks, nobody does romance worse than the stars of the new Nicholas Sparks movie "Safe Haven."

In the latest episode of MTV's After Hours, our very own Josh Horowitz sits down with the charming and talented Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel to get some tips on how to how to keep your relationship with that special someone going strong. It’s quickly revealed that while these two have great instincts on screen, they don’t exactly have the best advice off-screen as Julianne describes feeding raw meat to Ryan Seacrest and Josh Duhamel may or may not wear something along the lines of the Rubber Man costume from "American Horror Story."

Maybe you should just watch for yourself...but you’ve been warned.

Oh, P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!