Like 'Beautiful Creatures'? Here Are Some Other Boss Literary Witches

After months of waiting for the movie magic of "Beautiful Creatures" to hit theaters, we're finally down to the last 24 hours before the casters of Gatlin make their big-screen debut —complete with couture claiming outfits, meteorological mayhem and lots and lots of supernatural smooching for Lena Duchannes and the boy who loves her. And before tomorrow's release of this much-anticipated adaptation of the amazing "Caster Chronicles" YA series, we're celebrating this witchy, wonderful week in Hollywood with a big wassup to some of our other beloved literary spell-casters. Who are our most magical faves?

The witch(es): Joanna, Ingrid, and Freya Beauchamp

The book: "The Witches of East End," by Melissa de la Cruz

The Beauchamp ladies, a family coven living on Long Island, are our favorite sort of witches: immortal, powerful and constantly having ill-advised-but-incredibly-steamy sex with men they ought to stay away from.

The witch(es): Hermione Granger

The book: "Harry Potter and the [Whatever of Whatever]," by J.K. Rowling

The brightest witch of her age (and, let's be real, the only reason that Harry Potter made it through seven books without getting avada kedavra-ed into oblivion) belongs on any list of fantabulous sorceresses.

The witch(es): Brooklyn Sparks

The book: "What the Spell?" by Brittany Geragotelis

A total n00b to the witching world (having been required to wait until age 16 to access her powers), the first thing Brooklyn does with her magical abilities is the exact same thing that we'd do, which is, of course, give herself a makeover.

The witch(es): Sally and Gillian Owens

The book: "Practical Magic," by Alice Hoffman

Raised by two witchy grande dames with a special talent for love potions, Sally and Gillian make magic (and mayhem) together and apart for most of their lives—and their story of bad romance and sisterly bonds is an enduring favorite.

The witch(es): Various

The book: "The Witches," by Roald Dahl

The bald, blue-tongued, square-toed, claw-fingered villainesses of Dahl's classic book are evil, sure—but they're also a bunch of seriously bad-ass bitches who can shoot lasers from their eyeballs, and let's not even pretend like that isn't extremely cool.

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