Julie Kagawa's Untitled Series Is Already Headed For Hollywood!

Turns out, we're not the only ones salivating in advance over the mysterious, not-yet-titled, not-even-coming-out-for-another-two-years fantasy YA series that Julie Kagawa is set to publish with Harlequin in 2015. Fresh on the heels of a five-book deal for a fantabulously large sum of money, the proposal was snatched up a second time late last week—this time by Universal, which wants to make the whole thing into a movie and/or series thereof. Which is especially amazing, considering that the first book hasn't even been written yet. How awesome must this story be?!

Per the announcement from The Hollywood Reporter, Universal already has producer Chris Morgan attached to the project, the storyline of which is described as "set in a present-day coastal town where mythical creatures hide amongst us cloaked as humans."

And if you're on the edge of your seat right now shouting, "Yes? AND?! Tell me more!", then, ugh, we feel you, but there's nothing else to know right now. Sob/pout. But Julie's next "Blood of Eden" book will hit shelves in May, so let's all look forward to that while we wait for the dish to drop on this whole "mythical beings" thing...and feel free to leave your guesses and theories in the comments. (What sort of mythical beings, do you think? Centaurs? Gorgons? Men with six-pack abs who love Jane Austen and cats and aren't afraid to commit? Discuss!)

Are you psyched to see Julie's new series already on its way to Hollywood?