We Love Lily And Logan In The New 'Writers' Trailer

If you're a hopeless romantic, a Logan Ler-maniac, or a lover of Lily Collins (whose fandom doesn't have a cute name yet, for some reason — you guys should get on that!), heads up: the cutest little indie drama you've never heard of is about to shoot right to the top of your must-see movie list.

It's called "Writers", the trailer is officially online this week, and it looks all kinds of adorable and heart-wrenching and full of scenes in which Logan Lerman makes that sad puppy face that drives the entire female population of the earth absolutely wild. Check it out.

The movie features Lily as Sam, a college student and first-time novelist who, thanks to the implosion of her parents' marriage, has made one-night stands her SOP and avoids romance like the plague. Logan, of course, plays the sincere and soulful cutie-pie who wants to show her there's more to life than a series of meaningless flings. Set against a backdrop of family drama — with Nat Wolff as Lily's sad panda of a little bro, Greg Kinnear as the pining paterfamilias, and Jennifer Connelly (who we never until just now realized bears a downright eerie resemblance to Lily) as her estranged mom — this is a story of love and literature that basically looks to be an emotional roller coaster packed with really pretty people, also known as our favorite thing ever.

"Writers" hits theaters in limited release on April 19.

Is "Writers" on your must-see list?