Get Some 'After Hours' Love Lessons With The Cast of 'Burning Love'

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, people everywhere are pondering one of life's great mysteries: how best to navigate the landscape of love!

And oh, what a mystery it is; from that magical first meeting, to a sizzling first date, to a lifetime of passion and companionship, the road to romance is a tricky one, marked by treacherous turns and narrow passages, and covered with, like, y'know, potholes and roadkill and stuff. But fortunately for the confused romantic, there's a video out there in which the knowledgeable cast of a comic TV series give you detailed, practical tips on finding love and making whoopie!

Or at least, there's almost certainly a video like that out there somewhere. This latest edition of "After Hours," on the other hand, features the gentlemen of the web series, "Burning Love," giving MTV's Josh Horowitz some very odd, possibly illegal advice on catching and keeping a woman. The experts include Paul Scheer (who likes to spark his romances with a nice, cool glass of roofies), Nick Thune (who would prefer that you not believe in Santa), and Adam Brody (who requires a blood test on the first date). Plus, appearances by Rob "Do you want to get f**ked by me?" Huebbel, and Adam "Penis Burrito" Scott! Watch and learn, fellas. You'll be amazed at all the wonderful, terrible things you never considered doing in the name of love!

Also, all of the awards to Paul Scheer for proving once and for all that you can, indeed, use the terms "Don Draper" and "butt stuff" in the same sentence. We didn't think it could be done; we were wrong. So very, very, very wrong.

Would you put any of these Love Lessons to good use?