'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Into The Wild'

by Ryan Downey

You’d think after how things turned out for his character on "Lost," Ian Somerhalder would know better than to go cavorting about on remote islands. Of course, Damon Salvatore was a reluctant participant in the little expedition led by Professor Shane as most of the gang set off to unlock Silas. We learned that Damon doesn’t want the cure for himself (sorry, Elena!), Stefan does (shoulda guessed that one, Elena) and Klaus is still carrying a torch for Caroline, even as he very nearly killed her.

Damon squeezed out a bit more of Shane’s overall machinations via some interrogation that would make Dick Cheney proud, but the episode ended with the senior Salvatore laying in the woods with a broken neck at the hands of a hunter.

Bonus points to "The Vampire Diaries." writing team for naming this episode after a cool contemporary movie; last week’s "A View to a Kill" shared a name with a semi-awesome ‘80s James Bond flick (and accompanying Duran Duran theme song), which was apropos given Stefan and Rebekah’s bodacious dance to the The Cure.

Speaking of Rebekah, one of the episode’s biggest moments was when she broke down and declared, “We’re all screwed.” But we’re getting ahead of ourselves...

Things began with Shane running from a war-painted native. It was a year ago, he was on an island, and discovered Silas' resting place. Then it was the present day, but on the same island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Bonnie was there for magic support, Jeremy is literally wearing the map, Stefan and Rebekah had the headstone (we still don’t know what it’s for), leaving Rebekah to smugly point out that Elena was the only one whose presence was pointless. Damon asked what kept him from the same category. “You have a nice behind,” she observed dismissively.

While the jealousy and tension between Stefan, Elena and Rebekah ratcheted up as they all walked through the (very much booby trapped) woods, we were reminded of the whole story of Silas and Qetsiyah as Bonnie ran her hands on Jeremy’s muscles—er, we mean, his tattoos. Qetsiyah was a witch who made Silas immortal but learned he was actually into another woman. So she imprisoned him with the cure for immortality, assuming he’d take it someday. He’s been pretty stubborn!

Her descendants were the ones who actually created the hunter line, to do the job Silas hadn’t done himself. At the episode’s end, we finally met another modern hunter. But we’re skipping ahead here again!

Speaking of long-suffering immortals, Klaus was still in the invisible bubble Bonnie has him temporarily stuck in at the Gilbert house. Tyler showed up to taunt him about how his friends are gonna come back with the cure, he’s going to force his old boss to take it, then he’s going to figure out a fun way to kill him. Tyler theorized that killing human Klaus wouldn’t have the same bloodline ending effect of killing hybrid Klaus; Klaus seemed to acknowledge some agreement.

As Klaus was getting a little teary eyed at his enduring emotional isolation (even more of that later), we learned about more tears: a whole well of them. Yes, the island has a magical well. Dropping blood in it gave people visions of late relatives. It was at the bottom of that well where Shane encountered his wife’s ghost and learned from her all about Silas and all the various things necessary to set him free. Most importantly, Silas will supposedly resurrect anybody who had helped him.

Caroline arrived at the Gilbert house and tried to get Tyler to leave with her. Klaus tried sweet talking them into setting him free. Sure, he killed Tyler’s mom, but they killed his brother, so he figured they were all even. Caroline quickly reminded him of his long list of misdeeds stretching even further back and said he wasn’t even worth the calories she spent talking to him. Unfortunately, she got close enough to him for him to stick her with a lamp, drag her into his bubble and give her a deadly bite. (Werewolf/hybrid bites kill vampires, remember?). "Now, that was definitely worth the calories," he said to Tyler, mouth covered in Caroline’s blood.

Tyler offering to be Klaus' minion again wasn’t enough to convince Klaus to give Caroline a drop of his werewolf bite curing blood. So Tyler decided to take a chance on relying on Klaus’ feelings for Caroline instead, leaving her with him to watch her die. It didn’t seem like it was going to work at first, but, later in the episode, she finally got him to crack. She said she’s seen the human side of him and she’s sometimes wished she could forget all of his evil doings. In a scene that recalled his conversation with Damon about Elena a while back, Klaus asked her if she could ever forget. She said no but that she knew he’s in love with her and that anybody capable of being loved is capable of being saved. Naturally, he saved her after that!

Klaus sister Rebekah had a tender moment of her own when Stefan saved her from an island booby trap. It was an unnecessary gesture (it wouldn’t have killed her), but she appreciated it nevertheless. While discussing the cure, Stefan made it clear that if and when he takes the cure, it’ll be for himself, not for the love of Elena.

Things weren’t so tender between Damon, Shane and Bonnie. Shane admitted that he’s controlling Bonnie and her use of expression for a reason: so they can’t all kill him after they find the cure, without risking Bonnie more or less imploding on herself. Shane learned all about expression when his late wife, a witch, tried to bring their son back from the dead; expression killer her. Sorry, Bonnie! (Yes, this episode was plot and exposition heavy, but as always, "TVD" handled it with grace).

The evening ended with Jeremy getting snatched from his tent by a native. Everyone realized he was gone and split up to search for him: Bonnie stayed behind to do a locator spell, Stefan and Elena and Rebekah headed off together, and Damon did his Shane interrogation, where he learned Bonnie is a descendant of Qetsiyah. He also figured out that Shane has one more 12-person massacre left to perform.

This time it was Rebekah’s turn to save someone from a booby trap: namely, Elena. It’s not that she cares about keeping her alive; she just figures her death should be epic (undoubtedly the show’s writers would agree re: Elena. Thanks, Rebekah!). Later, Rebekah made some good points to Stefan that everything she has done to hurt Elena has been in defense of her family; same sorta stuff the “good” guys pull!

Elena stopped Damon from killing Shane and tried to convince Damon they can have a life together after they both take the cure. Damon told her, flat out, that it’s his brother who wants the cure, not him. Damon wants to stay a vampire forever.

Damon ditched everyone, so our remaining three returned to the campsite to find Bonnie and Shane both missing in addition to Jeremy. The headstone was gone, too! Elena gave Rebekah the white oak stake as a show of solidarity and mutual acknowledgement that the three of them would have to stick together.

Shane was the guy who had the native kidnap Jeremy. The native is also a witch who was able to trick Bonnie into a rendezvous as well. With Jeremy and Bonnie as his prisoners, Shane adopted an evil smirk and said, “Silas awaits.”

And as for Damon? The episode ended with him getting his neck broken by one of The Five, the same mystery guy who presumably saved Jeremy from an assassination attempt earlier in the episode. From what we know about next week’s episode, it looks like it will be Damon on the receiving end of some torture.

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