Emma Roberts Lands Lead In 'Delirium' Pilot

Emma Roberts has never been shy about her love for all things YA, so it wasn't a surprise when paparazzi recently snapped the actress toting around a copy of Lauren Oliver's dystopian drama "Delirium." But, as it turns out, the novel isn't just a pleasure read—according to Entertainment Weekly, the actress has snagged the lead role of Lena Haloway in the upcoming Fox television adaptation!

"Delirium" is set in an alternate reality where love is a disease (amor deliria nervosa) that must be cured. Each citizen is required to have the lobotomy-like procedure when they turn 18, but weeks before Lena is to receive the cure she falls in love with Alex—changing everything she understands about her society and its rules.

Though Emma wasn't among our picks when we cast potential Lenas way back in 2011, we're curious to see what the "Scream 4" actress will bring to the role—and who will be cast as love interest Alex and BFF Hana. (In fact, we had a lively, speculative discussion about just that a few weeks ago with Yahoo! TV. Be sure to check it out!)

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