Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks To Star Together In 'The Big Shoe'

Ohmigod you guys, our two franchise favorites of all time just collided and we are freaking out: Kristen Stewart (a.k.a. the once, future, and forever Mrs. Edward Cullen) and Elizabeth Banks (a.k.a. the Panem Capitol's most flamboyant fashionista) have been cast together in a new comedy flick about the cutthroat crazy world of footwear design.

According to Deadline, the two actresses are on board in supporting roles for "The Big Shoe," which is being pegged as a dark, erotic, funny film in the same vein as "Secretary" (although presumably with less James Spader-administered spankings.)

Kristen will play the young muse to the movie's main character, an inspired shoe designer who doesn't want to give up his genius designs to a low-rent, mass-production operation that would create knockoffs of his work at a fraction of the price. Elizabeth is on board in the role of a psychotherapist who tries to convince the hero to sell out. And if you're already doing some starry-eyed speculating about what sort of amaaaazing shoes we might be seeing on-screen when this movie hits theaters...well, we know nothing, but we're right there with you.

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