Daniel Radcliffe Becomes Our Roommate After Hours

You'd think with the mega millions Daniel Radcliffe earned over the course of eight Harry Potter films, he'd be able to swing a measly hotel room in Park City, Utah. But that, apparently, was not the case during the recent Sundance Film Festival—where the actor was promoting his Beat biopic "Kill Your Darlings"—because the erstwhile boy wizard had to bunk up with MTV News!

Of course, we couldn't let him nosh on our potato chips or take a cat nap in our twin-size bed without a thorough vetting first, which is where our own Josh Horowitz came in. Because nobody gets down to the pith of a person quite like our intrepid reporter. (And by "pith" we mean "deep-seated fear and hatred.")

Click play on the video above to watch our 100th episode of After Hours!

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