Watch The EXCLUSIVE Trailer For Lauren DeStefano's 'Sever'

If you've been following the dystopian drama of Lauren DeStefano's "Chemical Garden" trilogy, then you know that time is running out for Rhine. It's only a matter of time before the disease that strikes all young people at the tender age of 20 arrives to claim her life, and in the meantime, everything has gone straight to hell in a hand basket: Her friends are scattered, her heart is torn, and the seeds of violent revolution are taking root in her society's underground. What is she going to do?!! Well, hey, here might be a hint: We've got the EXCLUSIVE debut of the book trailer for "Sever," the third and final installment of this thrilling series, right here. RIGHT NOW.

In it, we see Rhine—rosy-cheeked and substantially less haunted-looking than she's been in previous incarnations—wandering languidly through a desolate indoor landscape in search of answers, and wearing (ooooh!) a really great dress. And if you're looking for clues as to what's coming in the thrilling conclusion to this trilogy, you might want to pay close attention to the possible symbolism of those green apples, that empty cage, a spinning globe of the world as it was in the days before humanity nearly eradicated itself. ("Chemical Garden" conspiracy theorists, that last one could be the geography-related Easter egg you've been waiting for.)

Dying to dive in to "Sever"? You don't have long to wait—the story comes to an end on February 12. But while you wait to get your hands on the book, perhaps you would like to get your body into the luscious silver gown worn by Rhine in the trailer and on the cover? No, really! This is possible! Just head to the official sweepstakes site for info on the amazing giveaway that will net one lucky winner her very own dystopian dress—the exact same one on the cover—and a complete set of "The Chemical Garden Trilogy," including a signed copy of Wither by Lauren DeStefano. Click click click!

Are you eagerly awaiting the release of "Sever"?