'Beautiful Creatures' Premiere: All The Pretty People

It would be too easy to make a joke about last night's "Beautiful Creatures" premiere being a gorgeous, endless red-carpet parade of...well, beautiful creatures. Right? WHATEVER, we're doing it anyway. And with so many hot young things to feast their eyeballs on, it's amazing that any of the attendees were able to stop staring long enough to focus on the film.

Alice Englert, Alden Ehrenreich, Emmy Rossum and Zoey Deutsch were all on the scene to celebrate the movie's release, and all with big smiles for the camera that suggest they're extremely pleased with the result of their hard work.

Everyone looked marvelous, but last night's fashion standouts were the film's three biggest stars: Emmy, Alice and Alden. Alice stole the show in a long-sleeved vintage dress with elaborate gold beading (although we wish she'd put her hair up, the better to show it off). Alden stepped outside the blue-and-navy box with a suit in a lovely shade of bordeaux—and instantly became our new favorite dude to sport the Robert Pattinson-approved preference for colorful menswear. And Emmy went in a decidedly daring direction with her floor-length gown, made with a white chiffon bodice and a bold black velvet mermaid skirt...which makes an unusually gothic look for the glam actress. Think she's been taking fashion advice from Ridley?

What do you think of last night's looks from the "Beautiful Creatures" premiere?

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