Jennifer Lawrence Stalks John Stamos And 5 More Potent Quotables

Jennifer Lawrence, having been officially declared the most desirable woman in the world by a million-bajillion dudes, has clearly moved on to a new goal: making the world's population of ladies want so very badly to be her BFF. How else to explain her hilarious, candid, self-deprecating moment during last night's appearance on "Conan," where the actress confessed to having awkwardly followed around 1990s sitcom hunk John Stamos in order to admire his shapely posterior?

"He was at a party and I turned into—I was a perverted guy," she said. "I was, like, following him into rooms and staring at his ass."

Oh, JLaw. WE COULD NOT LOVE YOU MORE. But it doesn't even end there; lately, it seems like the star is on a mission to flood the media with absurdly quotable lines that illustrate in no uncertain terms her immense, unending capacity for outrageous sass. And if you happened to miss out on the latest batch, don't sweat it; we've picked our top five favorites and put them on a lovely list: The Five Best Jennifer Lawrence Quotes In Recent Memory. (Because "of all time" would have us here all day.)

Best confession of imperfection: "I just went to the doctor today. I got a chest X-ray of my lungs and discovered that my breasts are uneven." (From her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live.")

Best dig at unattainable beauty standards: "In Hollywood, I'm obese. I'm considered a fat actress... I’m Val Kilmer in that one picture on the beach." (From an Elle interview.)

Best victory gloat: "I beat Meryl!!!" (From her Golden Globes acceptance speech.) (And yes, it was a joke.)

Best moment of self-awareness: "It’s almost like I subconsciously don’t want to work anymore, so I’m trying to ruin my career ... I’m pregnant!" (In Entertainment Weekly.)

Best diva demand: "I want a pizza with my face on it." (From a November interview with the New York Times.)

What's your favorite JLaw quote ever? Share it in the comments!