Third Bridget Jones Book Has A Birth Date!

Before we go any further, in celebration of this momentous event, you may want to locate and put on your very best pair of enormous granny-pants underwear. (We've already got ours on!) Because at long last, after years of waiting, we have an official release date for the triumphant literary return of Bridget Jones. The New York Times' ArtsBeat has reported that the third book in the series by author Helen Fielding will be out this November, per an announcement from publisher Alfred A. Knopf.

There's still no title yet for the book, as well as no word on just what the storyline of Bridget's next outing will be, although widespread speculation centers on the possibility of baby-making as a major plot point. But no matter what, we can expect a fun new movie—featuring a well-rounded Renee Zellweger—to go with it! And Helen Fielding will only describe it loosely as a brand-new chapter in her heroine's life, saying, "My life has moved on, and Bridget’s will move on, too." What does that mean, do you think? (Confession: We are very, very worried about what this might mean for her relationship with Mark Darcy.) But whatever the content, any chance for another visit with the calorie-counting, binge-drinking, romantically bumbling Bridget is enough for us.