Zoey Deutch Says 'Vampire Academy' Script Is 'So Funny'

If you follow all things Richelle Mead with a rabid bloodlust that'd make even a Strigoi jealous, then you know the big-screen adaptation of the author's thoroughly engrossing "Vampire Academy" has snagged itself three lead actors, including Zoey Deutch in the role of kick-butt Dhampir Rose Hathaway. So when we caught up with Zoey recently at a press event for her upcoming film "Beautiful Creatures," we just had to get her reaction to the big news.

"It's crazy. I'm so excited!" she enthused, while getting a rather off-target fist bump from co-star Thomas Mann.

And what of the screenplay penned by "Heathers" writer Daniel Waters?

"It is so funny. The script is so funny, and it is so interesting," Zoey said. "I don't even know what kind of genre it would be categorized in. It's very different. And I'm very excited, and the tone is so interesting—and [director] Mark Waters, who I'm like a huge fan of. It's going to be really crazy. It's such a crazy-good character. She's such a badass."

In fact, the character is so physically demanding that the audition process left Zoey a little tuckered out.

"It was a physically exhausting process for me at least," she said. "I was very fully in it. I had already kind of started training because Rose Hathaway is very physical. She's a protector. I still can't believe it happened."

You better believe it, Zoey, because with six installments in Richelle's series, you could be staking Strigoi for years to come.