Spy Miley Cyrus In A 'So Undercover' EXCLUSIVE Clip

Sherlock Holmes had better watch his hindquarters, y'all; there's a new clue-hunting superstar in the house, and not only does she have formidable powers of observation and deduction, she also has impeccable fashion sense andreally great hair. And if you want to see her in action, then you'll want to click through for our EXCLUSIVE clip of Miley Cyrus, Girl Detective, in her new flick, "So Undercover."

In case you missed our previous posts on the subject, "So Undercover" is a college-skewed version of the same delightful premise that made "Miss Congeniality" so much fun: a hard-as-nails lady agent (or in this case, teenaged private investigator) must infiltrate the pink frilly alien landscape of girlworld, where staying undercover means ditching her tough-talking, beer-swilling persona for manicures, miracle bras and an intimate acquaintanceship with eyelash curlers.

And in our clip, we see Molly (Miley) working a pretty pink cardigan and some excellent investigative instincts as she sniffs out the likely motive behind a classmate's strange behavior. It's, like, elementary, bro. And if you want to go "So Undercover" with Miley, then grab your deerstalker and ready the magnifying glass: the movie is out on DVD and Blu-ray today!

Are you psyched to see Miley detecting things?