Josh Hutcherson Battles A Bunch Of Vampires For Flag Football Supremacy

He might be two movies deep into "The Hunger Games" franchise, but all that action in the arena hasn't dampened Josh Hutcherson's thirst for competition. The actor was one of two dozen Hollywood favorites who took the field for this weekend's DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl, a friendly flag football game that revs up fans for the high-octane action of the Super Bowl.

Josh was the only tribute on this year's teams, but the vampire-related franchises of the entertainment world were spectacularly well-represented: Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Ryan Kwanten and Peter Facinelli all spent some time on the field. And for those who care, it was the Blue team (led by real, actual football player Michael Strahan) who passed, tackled and touchdown-ed their way to victory on Saturday...but let's be honest, the real appeal of the Celebrity Beach Bowl is less about the game itself and more about seeing our favorite celebs wearing shorts, talking smack and rolling around in the sand. Which they did. And it was fantastic.

Did you watch Josh kick sand in the face of defeat at this year's Celebrity Beach Bowl?