Miley Cyrus And The Friendship Tattoo

by Sidney Madden

We've all heard of celeb couples who don matching ink when overcome with love. Depending on your opinion, this is either an act of clever comradery or commemorative overkill. But now there seems to be an emerging trend of stars sporting body art in the name of friendship (And you thought your childhood friendship bracelets were serious business!)

Earlier this week, MTV News' Christina Garibaldi caught up with British breakout star Ed Sheeran to catalog his colorful ink. During the interview, the singer explained the story behind some of the pieces on his left arm and disclosed that one tattoo in particular, Pingu the Penguin of a British children's claymation program, was a matching image he shared with One Direction member Harry Styles.

Well now, Miley Cyrus has tapped the famous tattoo artist Kat Von D to design her friendship tattoo. As the songstress showed off on Twitter, the inked image is of two crossed Native American arrows. The symbol is a universally recognized sign for friendship and is located right about Miley's right elbow.

Both Miley and Kat tweeted about the mini art project on Thursday. Miley tweeted a pic with the vague caption “ratta tat tat” while Kat went into more detail under the close-up Instagram shot: "Loved tattooing Miley Cyrus yesterday! Simple symbols of friendship make beautiful tattoos."

Although it’s still unclear if Miley matched with anyone, the message behind her new addition is undeniable.

What do you guys think? Are friendship tattoos cute or cliché? Let us know in the comments below!