Rebel Wilson's T-Shirt Line Is Good Enough To Eat

Rebel WilsonFROM MTV STYLE: If you've been brainstorming delicious ways to celebrate Aussie actress Rebel Wilson starring as this year's MTV Movie Awards host, may we recommend cupcakes? Or donuts? On your boobs?

The 26-year-old has launched a "T-shirt experiment" called Fat Mandi, which features sweet-treat-laden tees. Our friends at MTV Style have all the details, so be sure to click over there. Like now. (The MTV Movie Awards are April 14, so you don't have time to waste!)

Who had the year's hottest kiss? The most bad-ass fight? Which Hollywood star will own the Golden Popcorn this year? Find out at the MTV Movie Awards, starring Rebel Wilson, live on April 14, 2013!