Get Fired Up With Our 'Safe Haven' Set Visit

Fair warning, you guys: If you don't want to know all the secrets about the thrilling denouement of the new Nicholas Sparks novel-based movie "Safe Haven," you should stop reading now, and you should definitely not watch this awesome EXCLUSIVE video we got during our behind-the-scenes set visit with actors Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel, and David Lyons.

But if you don't mind a few spoilers, including the truth about the leading lady's big scary secret, and a peek at the explosive action of one of the film's final scenes, then you won't want to miss this inside look at "Safe Haven."

For those not in the know, this is the story of a mysterious young woman who tries to escape her past and make a new life for herself in a sleepy seaside town—where, despite her guarded nature, she finds herself falling hard for the sexy local widower (every small town has one, you know) who believes that they could be each others' second chance at happiness.

And if you want to see the inner workings of "Safe Haven," we've got Josh and Julianne spilling all the beans about their amazing on-screen chemistry; we've got some fascinating thoughts about the movie's characters from the actors who play them; and, of course, we've got an awesome first look at some of the things that set this suspenseful romantic thriller apart from other, quieter Nicholas Sparks stories, including a few exciting shots from the film's fiery climax. With actual fire!

"Safe Haven" hits theaters February 14.

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