Allen Leech Down For One Direction Cameo On 'Downton Abbey'

Allen Leech had quite the Sunday night. Not only did he and his "Downton Abbey" co-stars take home a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, but his character, Tom Branson, faced quite a devastating blow.

Hollywood Crush had the pleasure of catching up with him (Allen, not Tom, obvi), and he revealed that getting his doppelganger One Direction’s Niall Horan on the show is in the works for next season. (OK, probably not really, but a girl can dream!)

Warning this post has "Downton Abbey" spoilers if you haven't watched last night's episode! You’ve been warned!

"It’s really crazy. I mean, last night I speak for all of us who were there and all of us who also couldn’t make it,” he said about the SAG win. “You’re like, it’s just absolutely insane when you’re called out... Being in a category with them is such an honor and then the fact that we won is just really, really special."

But, of course, the fans who skipped the SAGs and decided to tune into last night’s “Downton” were instead greeted by a very dark episode, as we bid a fond farewell to Branson’s one true love, Lady Sybil, who died quite graphically during childbirth.

"I remember when we first got those scripts, we knew Sybil or [actress] Jess [Brown Findlay] was leaving the show, we kind of knew it was happening around episode five. And, when we got those scripts there was a certain element of sadness. I started this journey with Jess playing that part, and it was so integral to my character. Branson and Sybil’s love for each other was such a lovely and special storyline,” he gushed. “It was so incredibly sad and how she goes, as well, I think a lot of is quite a graphic death, but I like the fact that Julian [Fellowes] wasn’t afraid to show us. I thought it was a very well-written episode. She’s such a gentle character, and to see her go through that pain makes it more horrific."

But, it’s not going to get any easier for Tom through the rest of this season now that he’s left stranded in Downton with his new baby. “If you think about it, right now, Branson is a widower, he’s a father and he’s homeless, like he has no home. The only person who ever understood him was Sybil and now he has no one. It’s a real struggle for him for the next couple of episodes. I think he struggles to find his place in the world now. So he has to come to terms that his life has completely changed from what he was expecting to be and do and he has to struggle in the family as well,” he teased, noting, "The family do come to his aid."

We’re hoping that come season four, Niall might be able to come to his assistance and play the brother Branson off-handedly mentions this season. He joked, “You mean, my son? My son Niall Horan. Absolutely, and then we actually do a musical episode and we get the whole of One Direction in. I pitched it to Julian, weirdly enough he hasn’t gotten back to my email. No, but Niall actually is my son, and I gave him away. I had a choice: I gave him to a circus or a boy band, and I gave him to a boy band. I think he’s doing very well. He sends the odd letter. From the minute he was born, he had great moves and great hair. 'This child has potential, now go forward and sing and multiply.'"

And while Allen is busy promotion “Downton” and his super-scary flick “In Fear,” he did admit he may have missed his calling of being in a boy band. “I should have,” he said. “I could set one up now called Mid Life.”

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