James Franco Gets Sexy, Godly On MTV's After Hours

James Franco is, as we all know, a jack of many a trade: a thespian, a student, an artist, a musician, a filmmaker, and heaven knows what else. (We have it on good authority that, at some point in 2012, he made a brief cameo appearance as a snail in the garden of a Provencal housewife.) But with three sultry, steamy, sexually adventurous films playing at this year's Sundance Film Festival, clearly it's time to bestow yet another title upon dear Mr. Franco: that of a sexual deity. What? YES. This just happened! Our own Josh Horowitz has reluctantly handed over to James the hard-won designation of MTV's official Sex God. Which, along with the obvious bragging rights, also comes with a blingee crown and scepter.

And if there's anything you've ever wanted to know about James Franco, Sex God, but were afraid to ask, then here's your big chance to get inside his head—and his pants!—as he answers hard-hitting questions about all things sex-godly for our After Hours featurette. What's his favorite baseball-related sex analogy? Who would he dream-cast in his own personal porno? What does he call his wiener when they're alone, together, at home? ...And psssst, what might it mean that James' private parts are nicknamed after a notorious charlatan? DISCUSS.

Do you agree with James Franco's new designation as Sex God?